1. Who Are We?

Welcome to the world’s most effective All-Herbal Hair Loss Therapy…

We are a team of passionate innovators who are inspired by the Ayurvedic approach to holistic wellness. This is clearly visible in IHT9 range of products — we don't aim to treat the symptoms of hair fall. The idea is to provide intensive nutrition, structural integrity, moisturization and protection to the scalp and every strand of hair.

  • We are Pioneers: We have created the safest, easiest-to-use herbal products that treat every possible hair loss problem across men, women and children. From genetically induced balding patterns to hair thinning due to illnesses, IHT9 products cater to every challenge.
  • Our Growing Team: The IHT9 team consists of herbologists, ayurvedacharyas (Ayurveda medicine practitioners), trichologists, and lifestyle experts who have invested their skills to create IHT9—now positioned as a revolution in the hair fall treatment niche.
  • We say “NO” to Invasive Hair Fall Treatments: Hair transplants, hair extensions, and common hair fall medicines/drugs, we pursue the natural path to ensure there is an answer for every hair fall problem.



2. What makes us special?

Pursuing ethical Ayurveda with unwavering belief in the ability of Nature to heal and transform lives, we created IHT9.

We have formulated IHT9 with an honest approach, ensuring no potentially harmful chemicals make it to our herbal products. IHT9 is uniquely positioned in the aggressively growing hair solutions marketplace as it uses the purest of botanical extracts and natural, essential oils.

We have mated ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with progressive manufacturing practices to create an easy-to-apply hair loss product in the form of IHT9.

The result is a blend equally effective as chemical-heavy products in the market but with quicker, more sustainable effects without any of the side effects associated with hair care products that often leave a residue of chemicals, toxins or tend to induce unwarranted reactions with the scalp.

Despite being pioneers in a market flooded with heavily promoted anti-baldness products, IHT9 has made its presence felt—delivering herbal purity at a sweet price point!

Apart from treating your cause of hair loss, IHT9 products also provide comprehensive scalp & hair wellness, something not associated with over-the-counter hair loss supplements, hair growth superfoods or other products that claim to deliver “magical” results.



3. Creating a Culture of Integrity

Despite being hair care specialists, we are also driven to inspire and spread awareness about invigorating lives using the power of pure herbs. This also means:

  • Humane working conditions at our production facilities
  • Against animal testing
  • No harmful chemicals/synthetics/toxic additives
  • No animal products or derivatives
  • Ethically procured herbs
  • Biodegradable/recycled materials
  • Constantly reducing our carbon footprints
  • Our produce is perfect for vegans
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices



4. Understand Uniqueness of IHT9

“Ceuticals” are products with documented medicinal properties, synonymous with chemically-formulated medicines. But IHT9 is a herbal-ceutical like no other product in the market!

  • IHT9 is naturo-ceutical: Since our herbal formulation is obtained from the plants’ extracts, our approach becomes comprehensively natural. We procure extracts from these 9 herbs ensuring the procurement process doesn’t harm our Mother Nature.
  • IHT9 is cosmeto-ceutical: Using herb-derived extracts, IHT9 is more than just hair loss therapy. It is also meant to condition and nourish your hair in an organic way. You hair is intensively hydrated, coated in natural goodness, and cleansed from any toxic build-up. Your hair gets an aesthetic boost, becoming more lustrous and gaining more body, strength & elasticity.

There is more to IHT9 besides being a superior Hair Loss Treatment.

  • IHT9 is Cost-effective: we own the entire product ecosystem, from the stage of acquiring the herbs to manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, and retailing. This means no room for intervening platforms that can inflate the price.
  • IHT9 is about Wholesome Herbal Wellness: with IHT9, we have been able to address every aspect of hair care—hair fall prevention, repairing damaged hair follicles and hair growth rejuvenation. The purity of these herbs mean additional advantages like acting as an effective hair straightener, even for colored hair, arresting protein loss due to exposure to UV radiation, and leaving your hair smoother, shimmering with natural goodness.



5. Our Standards of Purity & Excellence

  • Is everything herbal always eco-friendly?
  • Is every herbal medicine 100% safe to use?
  • Does the use of herbal extracts always mean a vegetarian formulation?

These questions are confusing if you are not familiar with the basics of naturopathy and Ayurveda. Just because a label reads use of natural ingredients, you cannot assume that hazardous synthetics or potentially damaging chemical additives have not been used. We procure, process, extract, blend and pack these herbal extracts in a scientifically-tested, environmentally-friendly manner.

  • GMP certified
  • Quality Assurance Certification—QAC Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

We are meticulous about adopting and upholding global standards for quality control. Using progressive digital solutions, we have created a versatile tracking system. From the time the herbs are perfect to be plucked to the point of labeling or answering customer feedback, every step involved in the life of an IHTP Kit is roadmapped to perfection!