Bhringraj is widely known for itsherbo-ceutical medications, therapeutic properties and innumerable health benefits. Extracts of the plant can effectively cure skin diseases, anemia, cold and scalp related problems. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend the herb for liver/kidney related disorders, hair care and skin diseases.Bhringraj can revitalize hair follicles, accentuate hair re-grow amla-wrapperth and can reduce hair fall. Regular massage with bhringraj oil or oils that have its extracts can prevent baldness. Other than curing alopecia, the plant can prevent premature hair graying, strengthen the roots and condition the scalp.

  • Bhringraj – An Ancient yet Powerful remedy to control Hair Fall
  • Eclipta Alba
  • Family Name: ASTERACEAE
  • Plantae Division: MAGNOLIOPHYTA
  • Popular Name(s):False Daisy, Yerba De Tago
  • Parts Used: Herb, roots, leaves
  • Habitat: Throughout India & Southwestern America

Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba)


Bhringraj or Eclipta Alba is one of the ten auspicious flowers mentioned in Ayurveda scriptures. It has been used since ages for skin and hair problems including hair loss, premature graying, dandruff, split ends, and improving overall scalp wellness. Offering a multitude of benefits for health and beauty, Bhringraj is an effective herbal panacea.

Origin of Eclipta Alba

Bhringraj or Eclipta Alba is a moisture-loving plant withshort and round stems. It can grow amla-wrapper up to 3" tall with lance-shaped leaves. The roots of thiswhite flowered plant are well developed, cylindrical, and grayish in color. Eclipta Alba grow amla-wrappers commonly in moist places, as a weed in warm, temperate, to tropical areas. It is widely distributed throughout Asian landscape as well as Southwestern America.

Plant Chemicals

The extracts obtained from this plant contains an alkaloid called Ecliptine, which is sticky in nature and rich in protein content. It is known for its anti-cancer, anti-leprosy, analgesic, antioxidant, antimyotoxic, anti-hemorrhagic, anti-hepatotoxic, antiviral, and antibacterialproperties.

Ayurvedic Essence of Eclipta Alba

In Ayurveda, Eclipta Alba is classified as per its qualities, taste, and physiological effects. These attributes characterize medicinal effects on thebody and are expressed in Ayurvedic terms as balancing between Kapha, i.e. moist and unctuous tissues such as fats and fluids, and Vata, i.e. nervous system, and catabolic functions.

Medical Properties of Eclipta Alba

This epicutaneous medicine is used mostly in the form of oil. The direct application of Eclipta Alba helps in curing alopecia, spleen, and liver enlargement. Many Ayurveda practitioners even recommend theuse of this oil for effectively controlling cough, indigestion, vertigo, toothache and giddiness. Due to its antiseptic properties, it works like a wound healing agent too.












Cardio Tonic




Immunity Booster

Some Health Benefits of Eclipta Alba

The extracts from leaves and flowers of this powerful plant are applied topically to soothe many ailments. In fact, this plant can also be eaten raw to get adirect dose of nutritional benefits. Eclipta Alba is not only popular as a hair-care remedy, but it also has some great health benefits. Some of them are:

Eclipta Alba cures Jaundice

Jaundice severely affectsliverfunctionality, resulting in discoloration of theskin. Eclipta Alba has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and is well known for being a liver tonic. A mixture of Eclipta leaves and black pepper, when consumed for 4-5 days, helps in curing jaundice.

It prevents Bowel Inflammation

Finding relief from anuncomfortable and embarrassing condition of hemorrhoids can often be difficult. Eclipta Alba has shown promising results in reducing inflammation at the sensitive area providing instant relief.

It cures Stomach Ache

When consumed orally, Eclipta Albacan calm disturbances in the stomach, including indigestion and constipation. This is possible due to arich variety of chemicals and organic compounds found in the plant’s extract.

Eclipta Alba prevents Urinary Infections

Eclipta Albapossesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it highly effective at preventing urinary infections. It quickly reduces discomfort and neutralizes bacteria to restore normal functioning of thebladder.

Essential Oils of this plant are good for Eyes

The leaves of this plant have high carotene content, rich in antioxidantproperties. Carotene easily eliminatesfree radicals that are the main reason for formation of cataracts. Adding Eclipta Alba to herbal diet regimen keeps the vision clear.

Eclipta Alba: The Perfect Hair-ceutical

According to the principles of Ayurveda, Eclipta Alba contains vital chemical constituents. Used for generations, leaves of this plant rejuvenate hair keeping them lustrous, dark and healthy.

Adding a bit of Eclipta Alba to daily hair regimen is a good way to moisturize the scalp and prevent it from hair damages. Furthermore, it strengthens follicles and follicle beds, prevents hair loss, and slows down conditions like male pattern baldness and alopecia. It can even promote the re-grow amla-wrapperth of hair!

Effects of Eclipta Alba on Hair Grow amla-wrapperth Cycle

Some studies indicate that Eclipta Alba stimulates and rapidly increases thegrow amla-wrapperth of hair follicles during telogen phase.The extracts of the Eclipta Alba leaf consist of powerful anti-hepato-toxin substances, which cause rapid hair grow amla-wrapperth.

It prevents Premature Graying Hair

Regular application of this plant extract is valuable in treating premature graying of hair. The oil of Eclipta Alba helps to regain lost color. Even the texture of hair significantly improves after using it.

Apart from these factors, Eclipta Alba augments smoothness of strands, making hair manageable and preventing them against dryness and frizziness.

Eclipta Rejuvenates Hair Grow amla-wrapperth

The plant extract penetrates into the scalp effectively, thereby unclogging blocked pores.Due to this reason, damaged and lifeless hair regaintheir original strength.

It prevents Premature Baldness–Alopecia Areata

A dermatological disorder such as Alopecia Areata causes psychological impact leading to irregular balding that occurs in patches.

Owing to its unique properties, Eclipta Alba rejuvenates hair grow amla-wrapperth.Applying a mixture ofherbal oil containing Eclipta Alba on hairless bald regionworks wonders. It stimulates the hair roots and precipitates grow amla-wrapperth at bald patches.

Eclipta Alba: Part of IHT9 Polyherbal hair-care formulation

The amalgamation of 9 herbs, one of them being Eclipta Alba, is derived from an ancient hair formula steeped in Ayurvedic tradition. The idea is to promote hair vitality and luster in a natural way.

All our Ayurveda products are manufactured with 100 percent natural and vegetarian ingredients, without any chemicals or preservatives. We rely on ancient Ayurvedic texts to prepare all the topical products. We do not encourage testing of our products on animals. All the medicines and herbal supplements undergo quality checks at various levels.

Bhringraj is an excellent addition to our Polyherbal formulation. It is useful for cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, and direct hair care.