Isn’t it just amazing to sip a watermelon smoothie watching the sunset on a beach? A year without summer is like a life without love. The lazy days of summer come with great fun and excitement. But are you aware of the side effects thatthe scorching season brings?

In Ayurveda, the traits attributed to summer are hot, light and dry. Pitta is the element in the body that governs metabolism, heat and transformation in the mind. From food digestion to our sensory perception, everything is governed by Pitta. ‘Pitta dosha’ (imbalance in pitta) tends to rise with the soaring temperatures. During summer, the pitta related imbalances result in exhaustion, diarrhea, hot flashes and sunburn. Do you know how excess pitta can affect the mental status of the body? Impatience, mood swings, jealousy, anger and the list never stops.

Give this lively Ayurvedic summer routine a try and keep the pitta in check:

The 10-minute sunrise walk

In Ayurveda, a 10-minute walk at sunrise can stimulate the hormones in the body, thereby lifting the mood and promoting joy and creativity. Further sunlight stimulates the formation of Vitamin D, which in turn leads to healthier bones.

Staying hydrated

The simmering heat of summer absorbs moisture from our body, leaving it dehydrated. Drinking ample amount of water, that is around six to eight glasses of water a day can prevent fatigue and compensate the water lost through sweating.

Eating green leafy vegetables

In summer it’s better to avoid anything that is spicy, sour and salty. Instead go for diet that favors bitter, astringent and sweet tastes. Butter, milk, and ripe juicy fruits like cherries, melons and mangoes are all cooling foods. Minimize consuming vegetables like hot peppers, tomatoes, spinach, onions and radishes.


After taking shower, mix a teaspoon each of unrefined, organic castor oil and coconut oil in a glass bowl. Place this in hot water. After 5 minutes apply the oil onto your body to keep it soft, cool and supple.


In Ayurveda, aromatic essential oils have a greater significance. Massage a drop of sandalwood oil onto your face and neck, and feel for yourself the sweet fragrance that it emanates.

Relief from sunburn

Rub Aloe Vera gel on your skin, or consume two teaspoons of fresh cilantro, three times a day to protect yourself from sunburns.

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 Summer is always considered as the season of pitta. The scorching heat of this season causes imbalances in the metabolism, which in turn inflicts various physical and mental reactions in the body. In this situation, healthier state of mind and body can only be attained through certain Ayurvedic remedies.