Teenage is the time when all of us, including both guys and girls, pay extra attention to our appearance and want to look the best. The struggle begins in morning itself, where the tough part is waking up early and even tougher is to detangle your messy hair and find the right hairstyle for them. Especially for high school girls, choosing the right hairstyle is not an easy job because the hairdo should not just be easy and less time consuming, but also should look different and most importantly attractive. Below are some quick and stylish hairstyles, which you can wear in your school to stand out from the crowd.

Side Braid















Step 1 - Brush your hair either on the right or left side, both look well.

Step 2 – Start braiding your hair above your shoulders. For a messy look keep them a little loose and for a clean look, you can go for tight braids.

Step 3 – Apply a little amount of hairspray to keep your hair in place and you can also wear some colored hair clips and bobby pins that match your outfit. 


 Sock Bun Curl



























Step 1 – Take an old sock cut off its toe and roll it until it looks like a donut.

Step 2 – Spray some water on your hair until they are little damp.

Step 3 – Tie your hair into a ponytail and roll that sock into your ponytail.

Step 4 – Begin with the endings of your ponytail and fold the ends under the socks and keep rolling till your hair form a donut bun.

Step 5 – Secure the bun with bobby pins or rubber band.

Step 6 – Leave it overnight and see the magic the next morning.

Finding the simple yet cool hairstyle for school might not be easy. The above blog talks about easy and stylish hairstyles for high school teenage girls. Just follow these simple steps and flaunt different hairstyles in your school. But, don’t forget that you need to have healthy hair to look good in any hairstyle. Make use of the products like Neem Wood Comb and Herbal Hair Oils to keep your hair strong and shining.