Herbal medicine and traditional medicine, both follow entirely different approaches in patient care. The one that works the most in emergency situations is obviously traditional/conventional medicine. On the other hand, when it comes to prevention, naturopathic or herbal medicine works more as it tries to change the overall lifestyle and diet of a person. For instance, in dealing with illnesses like eczema or arthritis, naturopathic medicine is the option to go for, if you care for long term benefits. Herbal medicine in a way improves the overall lifestyle and diet of the patient, thereby supporting the body’s immune system.

Conventional medicine aims at treating the symptoms of the disease, usually with pharmaceutical drugs, and in certain cases with surgery.Even if you are looking for long-term relief using allopathic medicine, you would have to accept that it will come with certain side effects of the drugs. Herbal medicine mainly works to treat the root cause of the illness. The benefit in this case is the complete reduction or elimination of disease.

Does Herbal medicine abandon the traditional medical model?

Naturopathic/herbal medicine doesn’t completely neglect its conventional counterpart. Certain aspects of the traditional medicine cannot be looked down upon and in fact, they serve as essential tools and aids in the practice of herbal medicine. Today, doctors specializing in naturopathy have to undergo training in traditional medical sciences as well. This will help them in properly diagnosing the disease and recommendingthe treatment process.

How unique is herbal medicine?

In naturopathy, doctors spend a great amount of time with their patients and try to understand the overall health status of the person. Gradually they arrive at the root cause of the disease and recommend treatment accordingly. Naturopathy/herbal medicine makes use of safe therapies while treating the patient.  If used appropriately, herbal medicine has no side effects. This is because herbal formulations do not have any ill-effectson the body, instead they complement the body’s natural healing capability.

A classic example of how naturopathy works is the use of Hawthorn herb for heart related diseases. The dry leaves, flowers or berries of this plant are known to be good for cardiacproblems like angina pectoris and stroke.


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Since the past few decades, choosing between herbal medicine and conventional medicine has been a topic of debate, especially when it comes to health issues. If one can give immediate cure, then the other aims to solve the root cause of the ailment, although it can be more time consuming. Moreover, herbal medicine makes use of herbs that do not have any side effects, thereby, supplementing the normal healing cycle of the body.