Tired of hiding gray hair strands?Invest your time and resources in curbing the problem from the roots. Hair graying is commonly related as a sign of ageing and occurs in elders when their hair scalp stops producing the pigment (melanin) that gives colors to the hair strands. But premature graying is not normal and has multiple other causes behind it. This discussion is an attempt to decode the reasons behind premature hair graying so that you can opt for the right treatment to nip hair graying in the bud.


How Hair gets its Color?

Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its natural color. Hair roots that are located below the scalp comprise a tube shaped structure, which is termed as hair follicle. These hair follicles comprise of melanocytes, which produce melanin (color) cells. The melanin fuses with the growing hair fiber and gives the hair its natural color. Melanin is a natural hair dye, and is of two types:

  • Eu-melanin – This comprises of black and brown color pigments
  • Pheo-melanin – This contains yellow and red color pigments.

A person’s hair color depends upon the ratio in which all these pigments combine and create shades of brown, black, red and blonde color hairs. Your hair color will also depend on the color pigment combination of your genes. 


Causes of Hair Graying

1) Loss of Color Pigment Melanin

With ageing, our hair either stops creating or creates less amount of this hair coloring pigment, which leads to gray hair. This is often seen in people who are old but your hair can stop creating melanin due to other reasons as well such as any medical condition, scalp problem, stress or pollution. 

 2)  High level of Hydrogen Peroxide

High level of hydrogen peroxide can also cause gray hair. Human hair cells produce free radicals and hydrogen peroxide as by products during hair growth, but this does not affect the hair color of healthy people as their body can quickly break down them into hydrogen and oxygen. These affect the hair health of those people, whose body cannot synthesis the production of the free radicals.

3) Low Intake of Vitamin and Mineral Rich Diet

Vitamins that are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E can remove access accumulation of free radicals on scalp and maintain scalp health by nourishing it. Minerals such as manganese, copper and iron are essential for healthy hair as they can break down free radicals and maintain hair follicle health.

 4) Your Lifestyle is also contributing to Hair Graying

Smoking, high stress levels, addiction to alcohol, pollution and junk food all can cause premature hair graying. Lack of essential mineral diet and irregular hair care can damage hair follicles in early years, which can aggravate hair graying in late 20s.    

Hair graying is very common amongst adults these days. Combat premature hair graying by adopting healthy eating habits, banishing alcohol from your lifestyle and indulging in regular hair care regime.  



Hair graying is caused due to low production of hair coloring pigment melanin. Low production of melanin can be due to any medical condition, ageing, and intake of junk food or lifestyle causes. You can combat hair graying by early detectingthe root cause and planning an effective solution to nip the problem in bud.