Yes, the idea behind creating IHT9 was to create a natural, scientifically researched product that provided a safe answer for all hair fall related problems. However, the IHT9 team is now expanding as a responsible corporate brand. We are bringing our love for everything natural and organic at the community level too. The idea is to help people realize that there are equally effective, natural alternatives to chemically formulated products that have a detrimental effect on our health and the environment.

At IHT9, we believe that we are stakeholders at the community level. This means a sense of responsibility towards the society and environment apart from the consumers we serve. We are making steadily increasing contributions by actively participating in multiple community-based initiatives. These social projects thrive on corporate involvement. Our Core CSR Values revolve around contributing across these platforms:


Workplace CSR: Accommodating Diversity

At IHT9, we are a team from different walks of life, who have come together to create a congenial working atmosphere. Our strength lies in our unity. We are able to overcome academic and socio-cultural dissimilarities and function as a cohesive unit. We realize that there are equally competent, highly skilled professionals who are missing out because of certain biases in our society. For instance, the visually or physically impaired are not given a fair chance despite having enviable employable skills.

We acknowledge our responsibility to help such people in rising beyond these limitations. We try our best to accommodate more diversified human resources. We pursue equal-opportunity employment policies, unbiased towards any segment of the community. Our workplace is prepped to adjust people with disabilities. We are in the process of further optimizing our production processes and office premises to ensure a more diversified skill set is employed in a happy, progressive organization!

  • We generate employment for local people in our packaging and shipping department
  • Our team does not execute labeling work with machines
  • Manual labeling ensures more employment for natives and lower energy consumption
  • This is a part of our ‘Think Global Act Local’ vision


Environmental CSR: Being Ecologically Responsible

We are serious about ecologically sustainable business practices. Our products are essentially a concoction of herbs that are derived from farms and forests. This means we have the onus on ensuring that we don't take a toll on nature. Our greenbusiness practices are aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment. We achieve this via:

  • Recycling
  • Manual Packaging /Manual Product Labeling
  • Energy Saving Equipment
  • Minimal Use of Paper/paper-based products
  • Recycle &Reuse Culture


Biodegradable & Energy Conscious Product Line


IHT9 products use active natural ingredients and herbs. We don't use chemicals that can pollute natural resources like the soil or water. Carefully choosing biodegradable additives, we ensure our products don't produce a toxic residue. This is the result of extensive research that we have put in over the years to create a line of eco-friendly, herbal products that are effective and Earth-friendly. Even the packaging is optimized to ensure that recycled supplies are an inherent part of the product’s lifecycle. We are adopting less power-consuming workflows and digital technologies that help us sustain manufacturing with lower carbon footprints.


Transforming into a Green & Ethical Brand

We actively participate in plantation campaignsand initiatives taken by NGOs and government agencies.

  • IHT9 works with local suppliers and business partners who follow similar, eco-friendly methods
  • We are collaborating with ethical, family-owned farms and smaller farming communities rather than large-scale commercial harvesters who tend to depend on chemical-heavy farm supplies
  • We ensure ethical, humane working conditions
  • We are against sweat-shop manufacturing practices
  • Strictly against animal testing
  • No harmful chemical residues at our processing & warehousing facility
  • Fair trade policies without inflating the price
  • Emphasis on direct-to-customer model to keep our products reasonably priced and get more control over the distribution/supply channels


We are ushering in an era of liberal interactions – fueled by social media and consumer-savvy brands. IHT9 is using this paradigm to help people realize the herbal benefits of Ayurveda for living a truly health life! To partner or suggest more community-focused CSR initiatives, please reach out to the IHT9 team at: