How much hair loss is considered as normal?

Some people lose up to 40 hair strands every day. Trichologists or hair care specialists opine that losing between 20 and 40 strands per day is not a reason for worry. ou might come across people that lose up to 100 strands per day and still have a healthy, dense mane. Rather than merely following the numbers, be more concerned about any sudden increase in hair fall or any clearly visible hair fall pattern, such as losing hair after consuming some medication or around a menstrual cycle. The slightest hint that your hair is progressively thinning is an indication that you need to address the problem.


What are the most common reasons for hair loss?

From bad nutritional diets to stressful lifestyles, and hormonal imbalances to bacterial infections like Folliculitis, there are many reasons that can induce hair fall or even balding Some physical traumas, like surgery, or when recovering from a severe or chronic illness can contribute to temporary/permanent hair loss. Vigorous styling of hair, using chemical-heavy hair-care products and being neglectful about keeping your hair healthy aresome of the other contributing factors.


How do I use IHT9 Hair Oil?

Apply IHT9 Oil over clean dry hair. Rub your hands together with some oil and then work through the hair from roots to ends. Now, massage the oil gently into the scalp. Let the oil penetrate the scalp and strands overnight before washing your hair.  Next, gently massage in circular movements with fingertips for a few seconds. Leave for two minutes & rinse off. If you are in a hurry, you can simply leave your massaged hair for an hour before rinsing off.


Who can opt for IHT9 Ayurvedic hair loss therapy?

Men and women of all age-groups, irrespective of their lifestyle habits or any genetic disposition towards hair fall can use IHT9. These products are completely based on Ayurvedic, poly-herbal formula. 100% safe and can be used for treating hair fall in children too!


Why should I buy the IHT9 Kit?

The IHT9 kit has been put together to provclasse you a hassle-free, hair loss prevention and hair growth rejuvenation therapy. This kit contains a shampoo, conditioner and oil, apart from IHT9 neem wood combs. There are no tablets or anything for oral consumption. IHT9 is a purely topical application answer to hair loss. This specially formulated herbal hair therapy is meant to be used daily for quick and sustainable results. The IHT9 Kit means you have all the ingredients for preventing hair loss, catalyzing new hair growth and making your hair lustrous, more voluminous.


How long does IHT9 take to work?

The average period is up to 4 to 6 weeks. Most users of IHT9 have experienced positive results within the first, couple of weeks. Remember, healthy hair grows at the rate of about 1 inch every 2 months—this pattern can vary across different people. If you feel IHT9 is taking longer-than-expected, persist and allow a minimum of 2 months to see positive results.


Does IHT9 contain SLS or SLES or any other artificial perfume?

Absolutely not! IHT9 is a purely herbal, non-synthetic product. It DOES NOT contain SLES, Paraben or mineral oils. We take special care to keep our products chemical-free, regularly tested for quality and purity of ingredients used. Trust us for getting purely herbal, unadulterated anti-hair loss products that blend scientific innovation and Ayurvedic herbal knowledge.


I am suffering from psoriasis. Can I use your products—will they be effective?

Dryness is the main cause of psoriasis. The best way to treat it is to restore the scalp’s moisture levels and provclasse an uninterrupted supply of nourishment to hair follicles. IHT9 products combine the goodness of Aloe Vera, Henna and Amla (Indian Goose Berry) that are consclassered as natural hair conditioners. They also soothe psoriasis-affected skin. Our hair care products moisturize and nourish your scalp.


Can I use other hair care products along with IHT9?

We advise not to use any other hair products, which might contain harsh or harmful chemicals. However, people who are undergoing some medical treatments like treatment for fungal infections or serious skin conditions may continue their treatment.


How does IHT9 work?

Our herbal products gradually enlarge the shrinking hair follicles. This reverses the follicular miniaturization process. Improved blood circulation stimulates dormant hair follicles or those that have been damaged due to chemical-heavy shampoos or hair styling products. IHT9 nourishes the hair roots, catalyses new hair growth and arrests receding hair line—leaving nothing to chance!


Can IHT9 permanently cure my hair problems?

Yes, IHT9 is about provclassing holistic hair therapy. Every herb used in our range of products has been carefully picked for its hair conditioning, scalp nourishing, follicle stimulating and moisturization properties. From oil to shampoo and conditioner, each IHT9 products acts as an active natural ingredient for overcoming every cause of hair fall. IHT9 products counteract the effects of hereditary hair loss and other hair loss problems.


Are IHT9 range of products clinically approved?

Our catalogue continues to lead the way for re-growing hair. These products have been tested and approved by renowned dermatologists across the world. They are equally effective for men, women and children. These herbal products provclasse a natural, herbal way to overcome the most serious hair loss problems including progressive balding.


Can the choice of your comb affect the overall health of scalp and hair?

Yes, it can. Using plastic combs during hair fall can further increase the problem. Some combs are harsh on the scalp that can further aggravate irritated or psoriasis-affected skin.This is why IHT9 offers Neem Wood Combs. These specially crafted combs remove any settled particles of dust on your scalp gently, opening the pores, allowing them to breathe—adds to catalysing hair growth.


Why use herbal hair loss products rather than surgical hair loss treatments?

Medical hair loss treatments like hair transplant are invasive. Most of these treatments are time consuming, expensive and come with a long after-care, recovery time and there is room for things to go seriously wrong.From scarring to damaging the natural pH of the scalp to post-surgical issues like bleeding or formation of scar tissues, there are too many things at risk. Though these issues are gradually resolved over a period, the quality of new hair or the rate at which new hair grows is a big concern. There is always a risk of causing undue damage to the scalp with long-term use of chemically formulated medications that are a part of medical hair care treatment therapies. The herbal approach is safer, more effective and comes without the fear of sclasse-effects! Hair transplantation and hair grafting are easily available but approach them with being realistic—you are putting too much at risk when a safer, more affordable option is available!


Is hair loss in Men and Women different?

Yes, in many ways, hair loss has gender-based patterns. Women tend to lose hair mostly due to genetically linked reasons and hormonal issues.For instance, pregnancy-linked hair thinning is rather common. Unlike male balding, female pattern baldness (FPB) tends to be more diffusive, with less likelihood of the crown and frontal hairline receding. Chances of nutrition-linked balding are more likely to occur among women.


Does IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy contain DHT blockers?

Yes, active ingredients found in IHT9 have natural DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto. However, we don't use chemically formulated agents.Our herbal ingredients help in hair restoration but also provclasse proper nutrition to delicate hair follicles and improve overall scalp health.