IHT9 is a proud holder of multiple, internationally renowned certifications. Each of these certifications underlines the standards of purity maintained across the entire inventory of IHT9, from the stage of procuring raw materials to processing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. The IHT9 Team religiously follows ecologically sensitive and ethical manufacturing practices. Its commitment to quality and contributing at the community level is the reason behind adopting the most stringent quality control standards. Such accreditations make IHT9 one of the safest, non-chemical, multi-herbal hair care and hair regrowth product across the globe. We take the time to revise our quality focused goals at every step to ensure that we not only meet, but surpass existing quality standards in this segment.


Good Manufacturing practices (GMP)

We are GMP certified. This means maintaining purity of products and pursuing ethical manufacturing practices. GMP recognition underlines our thorough quality checks to ensure that every aspect of IHT9 is about wholesome herbal goodness without any contaminant or potentially harmful chemical ingredient

Why GMP? GMP is about Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations that have been set-up by the US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. This organization continues to be regarded as the global standard in licensing or acknowledging medicines, therapeutic drugs, healthcare products, or their ingredients for the index of purity and suitability for human application.

IHT9 & GMP: GMP certification is not easy to get. It involves optimizing the entire production chain to ensure the product does not have any type of contamination. At IHT9, we feel proud in having achieved this feat within a few months of setting-up our manufacturing unit. This means global recognition!

How comprehensive is GMP? It grants certification on all aspects involved in manufacturing such as Training, Equipment Maintenance, Production Unit, Hygiene Standards, Packaging and Labeling along with Raw Material Processing. GMP certification also keeps into consideration factors such as equipment verification, recordkeeping, complaint handling, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness and process validation.

With IHT9, you are getting the promise of natural, safe ingredients.



International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

IHT9 works in compliance with quality standards issued by ISO. We hold ISO certification for the purity of our raw materials, fair-price policies, and manufacturing facility standards

Why ISO? This is the global standard when it comes to providing consumers assurance of standards of quality being maintained by a manufacturer – this world class certification system has been pursued for decades and stands unchallenged, equally relevant to services and products

IHT9 has been able to meet the ISO standards for quality, efficiency and safety in the niche of herbal formulations for hair loss solutions.

ISO grants certification for Quality of products and services across nearly every industry.

  • ISO certification increases customer satisfaction levels
  • ISO certification gives our brand instant visibility in the market
  • ISO certification helps to garner attention in a market flooded with fake and cheap mimics
  • ISO conformance means IHT9 products are safe, reliable, and eco-friendly



Quality Assurance Certifications (QAC)

QAC Certification underlines the fact that our scientifically advanced production methods are eco-friendly. Having minimal carbon footprints, IHT9 products don't take a toll on the environment. Using Energy Conservation, Recycling and Environmentally-safe practices, the IHT9 Team ensures you are using an Earth-safe product. We are about Natural Goodness and this means respecting Nature that produces these precious Herbs!

Why QAC? QAC is a globally acknowledged, independent authorization body that certifies products according to ISO 9001: 2008, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2004standards across the globe, including India. QAC is internationally recognized and audits for products from different industry verticals. It gauges product quality across factors like working conditions, eco-friendliness, and standard manufacturing practices.

QAC certification increases customer satisfaction levels, helping them make a better choice

IHT9 is proud to be QAC certified!

You can shop the entire IHT9 range of products without worrying about any detrimental effect on the environment or your health. We are natural, ethical and innovative along with being committed to reducing our carbon footprints. You get Herbal Wellness for your hair in its purest, most adorable form!