Neem – best known for its curative properties, is extensively used in herbal therapies, cosmetics, and hair-care products. Interest has revived in this plant as a green source of bulk raw material for manufacturing of commercial drugs. The upsurge of interest in the western cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, particularly in American and European markets is to overcome the dominance of synthetic products. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities of Neem assist in the healing of topical skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, dry skin problems, burns, and abrasions.

NEEM: The Solution for all hair problems

Azadirachta Indica


Plantae Division:MAGNOLIOPHYTA

Popular Name(s): Indian Lilac, Margosa Tree

Parts Used: Leaves, Flower, Oil, Seed

Habitat: Grow amla-wrappers throughout India

Neem (Azadirachta Indica)



Neem is clinically proven to be a useful analgesic and anti-inflammatory herb, which relieves both pain and inflammation. These qualities makes Neem so effective against serious skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, shingles, jock itch, athletes foot, ring worm, scabies, lice, and Candida that it is counted as the most important herb by Ayurvedacharyas and trichologists.


Origin of this Arboreal Blessing

Neem is a tropical tall evergreen tree with short trunks and wide spread branches.The pinnate leaves of this tree turn into dark green on maturity. Thistree is grow amla-wrappern intropical and semi-tropical regions of India. It is popular by the names Divine Treeand Nature’s Drugstore. Neem is an herbal remedy that comes from the Neem tree and is known for its healing properties and skin benefits.


Neem is SARBAROGANIBARINI: The Reliever of Sickness

For thousands of years,beneficial properties of Neem have been extensively used in Ayurveda and homoeopathic practices. It proves beneficial for treating ailments like diabetes, ulcer, piles, malaria, hypertension, heart ailments, hair problems, and skin problems. It has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties. Neem has been the dermatologists’ universal choice when treating psoriasis, eczema and ringworm.


Medical Applications of Neem

Do you know that all the parts of the Neem tree are used in traditional medicine for the treatment of inflammation, infections, fever, skin disease and even dental disorders? It is truly an arboreal blessing!






Blood Detoxifier

Eye Diseases









Skin Diseases












Neem Leaf Ingredients:

Neem leaves are the most beneficial for skin care. They not only moisturize the skin keeping it soft and supple, but also help in toning. They are effective for lightening scars and pigmentation caused by acne and scabies. Even minor wounds on face can be removed using the leaves. Neem leaf contains the mixture of fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins, which makes it the perfect herb for beauty purposes. Each leaf contains:

 Neem: The Perfect Hair-ceutical

Apart from being a wonderful healer, neem leaves arealso used to treat hair problems. From head lice to dandruff, excessive hair fall to hair grow amla-wrapperth, Neem is the nature’s curefor allscalp related hair problems. It contains more than 35v biologically active ingredients that have many medicinal properties.



5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Neem for Hair & Scalp

1) Neem stimulates the grow amla-wrapperth of Hair

Neem contains adequate levels of antioxidants that help in protecting the scalp from ongoing damage caused by the free radicals. Neem also has regenerative properties that support healthy cell division and stimulate hair follicle grow amla-wrapperth and function.

 2) Neem – the Perfect Herbal Hair Conditioner

Presence of fatty acids – such as linoleic, oleic, stearic acids, provides moisture that helps in revitalizing and restoring dry, under-nourished, or rough hair to a smooth, silky texture.


 3) Neemcan even reduce Dandruff

Neem oil is known as Anti-Candida (Candida is a human fungi, which isthe major cause of dandruff.) It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that reduce redness and scalp irritation. It is a highly effective herbal solution to reduce itching caused by dandruff.

 4) Neem Oil for a Healthier Scalp

Wonderful healing properties of neem make it the perfect scalp savior. It provides cooling, soothing, and astringent effects when used regularly on scalp. Neem’s oilregulates the secretion of sebum (scalp’s natural oil) and also works to normalize oily or dry scalp conditions.


 5) Neem– the Herbal Treatment for Head lice

Neem contains azadirachtin, an insecticidal ingredient, which interruptsthe grow amla-wrapperth and reproduction of lice. The ingredients present in Neem inhibit the swallowing system of lice, thus reducing their appetite to the point of starvation. Further, the pungent odor of this herb keeps them away from crawling to the head. Therefore, Neem is the ideal herbal remedy for getting rid of head lice.




Neem is very effective on serious Dermatological conditions

Neem is clinically proven to have some long-lasting benefits when used as a skin solution. Neem is effective against skin problems as it has the ability to detoxify impure blood that is the main cause of skin conditions. Two major skin problems - Eczema and Psoriasis, both can be cured easily with the help of Neem.


Neem is the herbal remedy for Eczema

Eczema or dermatitis is a distressing condition as it causes dry itchy skin, but in its severe form the skin can even break down. Eczema is not contagious, but the problem with this disease is that the skin loses water. The scratching is most severe at night and the skin becomes raw and may begin to ooze. It can occur due to direct contact with animals, indirect contact with dander, tight woolen clothing, rapid changes of humidity, and many other reasons.

Neem is a boon for skin problems as serious as eczema, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances that work for curing it.


Neem can treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that generally appears as patches of raised red skin covered by a flaky white buildup. Even though the actual cause of psoriasis is still unknown, but it is believed to be triggered by faulty signals sent by the body's immune system. These signals accelerate the grow amla-wrapperth cycle in skin cells, which pile up on the surface when the body can't shed them fast enough.

Neem has an almost magical effect on chronic skin conditions that fail to respond to conventional treatments. This herb moisturizes and protects the skin while healing the lesions, scaling and irritation.


Neem: Part of IHT9 polyherbal hair-care formulation

Neem has been therapeutically used as the primary herb in IHT9 products since their genesis. It has time and again worked wonders towards maintaining a healthy scalp. The best part about this herb is that it is effective even when washed off!

Used in leave-on products such as oils, this active ingredient is also available in our shampoos and conditioners to give the confirmed results. Also, the Neem Wood comb by IHT9 works effectively to nourish the damaged scalp by improving the blood circulation.


Blend of neem in IHT9 products conditions and cleanses the scalp. It stimulates blood flow to the skin and nourishes the scalp and hair roots.