IHT9 believes in sharing every aspect of its products, never concealing information. This section lists and explains some other compounds that are added in trace amounts to Herbs which are the primary ingredients in any IHT9 product. These are globally tested, safe additives and complement our natural, 100% safe-to-use approach… There is something that escapes the eye when people buy over-the-counter, commonly available hair care products. From shampoos and oils to conditioners, each of these is usually heavy on chemical ingredients. Every time you use such hair care products, there is a risk of creating a toxic residue on your scalp, weakening the hair strands. Even the most premium brands in this niche, including the latest, such as hair dyes and leave-on conditioners inflict havoc with artificial ingredients. You hair needs a natural, chemical-free environment—this is rated in terms of the pH value. Harmful chemicals create a pH unbalance.

IHT9 hair care products don’t contain harsh chemicals like sulfates, paraben, and phthalates that are harmful to the skin

Herbal ingredients used in IHT9 are specially tested for their effect on pH, ensuring they stimulate hair growth and overall, better hair health. To ensure the herbal formula has a longer shelf-life and is preserved in its most effective form, some safe, globally tested additives are used in trace quantities. This includes:

1. Plantapon SF*

Plantapon SF* is a mild surfactant known for its fantastic surface cleansing properties due to its ability to produce rich, dense foam. It does not contain any Sulphates, Betainesor harmful preservatives. Its safety is underlined by ECOCERT and COSMOS certifications/approval. A viscous liquid with ayellowish color, Plantapon can be thickened – a common approach in cosmetic products that thrive on high-foam actin (protein). IHT9 uses Plantapon SF* in its shampoos to ensure the rich foam comes without any toxicity or risk of allergic reactions!


2. Dehyton KT*

Dehyton is a pale yellowish liquid, an amphoteric surfactant, which is free from preservatives and has multiple applications in the skincare and cosmetics industry. When used with other types of surfactants, Dehytonleads to dermatological enhancement of the product, augmenting its overall effectiveness. Dehytonis used in thousands of cosmetic products, chosen because of its mildness and effective foaming properties. IHT9 uses DehytonKT in a safe, easy to process manner that works well irrespective of the pH of water. This means Dehyton retains its properties whether you wash your hair with hard water or soft water!


3. Lamesoft PO 65*

Lamesoft® PO 65 is naturally derived from sunflower and coconut oil—making it the perfect companion for IHT9’s herbal formulation. It is commonly used as an enhancer in skincare and hair care products where surfactants help to clean the underlying surface, complementing the high-foaming properties too. Lamesoft has numerous applications in the global cosmetic industry, more appreciated by brands that use organic or vegan ingredients in their range of body care products. This includes hair conditioners, shampoos, and other hair treatment products such as shower gelsand anti-ageing products. Lamesoft has appreciable conditioning properties. Lamesoft has earned Ecocert and COSMOS Green Certification – this underlines its natural, safe properties. Lamesoft helps IHT9 formulations to moisturize and soften the hair. It is a mild cleanser. Lamesoft is EO/PO free!


4. Olivem 400

Olivem 400, a surfactant with characteristic odor, Olivemis extracted from fatty acids present in olive oil – perfect for IHT9 range of herbal hair nourishing products. Olivem is mild on skin. It has excellent dermatologically tested properties. Unlikely to irritate the skin, Olivem is used in the production of many hair care and cosmetic products, preferred by manufacturers who don't want the regular, chemical-heavy mix of additives in their product range.Olivemhas excellent foaming properties. The crème foam enhances cleaning properties of IHT9’s range of herbal hair fall solutions. Olivemis biodegradable – underlining its botanical nature!


5. Citric Acid

Citric Acid is a therapeutic organic acid found in fruits like lemon. It’s naturally occurring form and ease of availability makes it perfect for natural personal care products like IHT9.The use of citric acid in the IHT9 herbal formulation has two reasons.Most of the shampoos tend to push the pH levels beyond 7—this makes the hair more vulnerable. Citric acid works wonderfully at on haircuticles, ensuring they are coated against damage caused by environmental conditions. IHT9 products contain adequate levels of Citric Acid to ensure the pH level is kept around the ideal value of 5. Citric acid also helps in making the hair smooth, more lustrous.Citric acid also has appreciable preservation power preventing bacterial growth.


6. 2-Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol or glycol ether is an oily, slightly sticky liquid with a faint, rose-like scent.Primarily used in the cosmetics industry as an additive as well as inherboceuticals industry, 2-Phenoxy-ethanol acts as an effective germicidal (germ-killing) aromatic acid.It is usually synthesized for commercial use but can also be found naturally in products such as green tea – underlining why the team at IHT9 has used this product to ensure the herbal composition is not contaminated by potentially harmful chemical additives. This germ-killing substancein IHT9 means that it helps to keep the skin sanitized, free from infections, boosting the overall hair and scalp immunity. The compound is not known to induce any type of toxicity or allergies.Phenoxyethanol inhibits or reduces thegrowth of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus!


7. Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Tocopherol, or natural vitamin E, is a brownish-red, fat-soluble vitamin—the perfect ingredient for any IHT9 products with its natural goodness and established credentials in the skincare and hair care niche. One of the mainstays in thecosmetics industry, across chemical heavy or organic creams and lotions, Tocopherol is famous because of its antioxidant properties that helpto fight free radicals. It is used in the formulation of lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers, face powders, foundations, moisturizers, skin care products, bath soaps and detergents apart from hair conditioners.IHT9 formulation uses a potent form of natural Vitamin E to ensure its antioxidant, moisturizing, and soothing properties are preserved. Tocopherol also reduces inflammation and repairs damage to hair follicles, encouraging hair growth!


8. Genamin KDMP

Genamin KDMPis a type of surfactant used commonly in hair conditioners and hair replenishing treatments.Genamin is added as an activeingredientintosuch formulations because when in combination with other additives it creates a more intensively conditioning environment. This means holistic moisturization for each strand of hair. Genamin is commonly used by many cosmetic companies because of its exceptional anti-static properties – its natural chemical properties mean a welcome detangling action especially in wet hair.We all know how hard brushing of tangled wet hair is a common cause of hair breakage.IHT9 products have aminimal amount of Genamin KDMP to ensure the creamyfoam nourishes and detangles hair and aids better, more comprehensive moisturization, making the hair voluminous and lustrous. Genamin aids reducing hair dryness too. It reduces surface resistance on the scalp, making the hair less static, more settled—adds to IHT9’s efficiency in terms of making the hair smoother and straighter.


9. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerinor Glycerol is a clear, odorless liquid produced from botanical resources, such as palm oil, soy, or coconut oil. It is mainly used in thepreparation of herbal products, cosmetic purposes, and botanical tinctures. IHT9’s herbal formula resonates well with the natural goodness of vegetable glycerin that also has functional properties that make IHT9 products better. For instance, Glycerol is an effective humectant – asubstance that readily retains moisture. IHT9 contains adequate levels of glycerin to ensure each strand of hair is coated with sufficient moisture, helping to keep the tresses moisturized throughout the day. This is vital for ensuring stronger, weather-proof hair and boosts the effect of herbs in theIHT9 range of products.


10. Cyclomethicone

Cyclomethicone isamong the most commonly used silicone ingredients in haircare niche. Why? This substance is famous for its volatile property. This might sound potentially harmful but read ahead to understand why it is a safe proposition. Cyclomethicone has a large molecular structure. The substance evaporates and doesn’t leave a build-up on hair. Unlike other silicones used in the hair conditioning line of products, Cyclomethicone works well for leave-on and rinse-off purposes. This makes it perfect for IHT9 since we don't want any residue hanging on to the scalp or hair. Why use Cyclomethicone? This is because silicones coverhair with a thin hydrophobic (waterproof) coating. This coating reduces porosity of the hair, making it less likely to absorb humidity. Internally, Cyclomethicone lubricates the scalp, detangling the hair. This means that apart from the holistic herbal nourishment for the hair, Cyclomethiconeensureshair is smooth, lustrous and always hydrated. We have chosen Cyclomethicone over petroleum-based solvents and other potentially harmful silicone options in this niche.


11. Lanette O

LanetteO is fatty alcohol that is typically derived from natural resources. It is used for meeting viscosity regulations across the cosmetic industry. Lanette O is an oil-in-water emulsion. This viscous compound act as a stabilizer which works wonderfully for hair conditioning, deodorants, hand & nail care, baby care, body care, antiperspirant, skin cleansing, and  beauty care products. Why is it blended with IHT9 ingredients? LanetteO is a white to light yellowish, wax-like compoundand it is used as anemulsifier. It mixes oil and water in hair products, so the oil doesn’t separate from other ingredients. It helps in keeping the hair hydrated by drawing water to the hair. It isuseful for detangling the hair and for adding thickness to IHT9 range of products, making them easier to apply.


12. Genapol LA 030

Genapol LA030is a cosmetic additive used to ensure a product with different ingredients does not suffer from un-mixabilityof different compounds. Genapol helps to create a stable emulsion. This is why it is often referred to as a thickener in products like shampoos, shower gels, and liquid soaps.This is one of the most important ingredients used in IHT9 hair-care products. Why? Because Genapol helps in ensuring uniformity of ingredients that is vital for IHT9 herbal ingredients to work. Genapol adds to IHT9 range of hair fall solutions by ensuring a more even spread in every application. Genapol doesn’t create an unwarranted residue and it doesn’t impair the effectiveness of the herbs used in IHT9.