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This disclaimer by iht9.com is intended to present the terms & conditions for the use of this website by visitors. By continuing to use the website located at this URL, you assent to the ‘Terms of Use’ as stated in this policy and agree to limitation of liability set forth herein. Your use of iht9.com makes you a party to this agreement and if you do not agree with some or all of the terms & conditions and liabilities stated herein, you are requested to leave this website with immediate effect.

We would further like to state that the content of this website shall not be used for any kind of ‘self-diagnosis’ and you are advised to seek professional medical assistance for serious hair loss or related issues before initiating the treatment. The statements made about products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  IHT 9 does not claim to be a drug or cure for hair loss or hair thinning but is rather a facilitator of hair regrowth and reduction in hair fall.

Liability Related to Published Information

All facts and figures related to the efficacy of our kit are the result of internal analysis and genuine feedback collected from customers. Those who suspect serious medical ailment or any disease-related condition are advised to consult their physician for cross-checking the suggestions and recommendations made through this website. Individuals may react differently to our hair loss treatment products and we hold no liability to the user as publishers of information on the site or as the seller of products, including liability for any defective products without limitation.

User ability or inability to use the material published on this website does not impose any liability on iht9.com and under no circumstances, including, but not limited to negligence, is the business responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to misinterpretation of information published on this site. Further, we do not hold any liability for recommendations regarding supplements pertaining to hair health or overall health mentioned in the blogs or other content published at www.iht9.com and would suggest you to not use this information for self-treatment of any kind. All the content published on the website is for recommendation/suggestion purpose only and is in no way a replacement for professional advice of a healthcare professional.

User Discretion is Solicited Regarding Information Published on the Website

All links provided on the website are here in good faith and user discretion regarding use of information with caution and common sense is besought. Visitors are advised to not post or distribute any content through the website that infringes any international or national professional codes, patents, common laws, copyrights or statutory and proprietary rights of others. This includes, but is not limited to, the privacy policy and right of publicity. Further, we retain the right to bar any user from making use of the website if you post anything or use the content of website for publicity in a manner that is abusive, slanderous, libelous, obscene, threatening, sexually explicit or unprofessional.


Ownership of the Website

While visiting this website you understand that it is intended only for your personal and non-commercial use and the ownership of the Website lies with Ram LalInderLal (P) Ltd. Based in New Delhi, India. You understand that all intellectual content on the website is the property of the website owner and users are not supposed to use this content other than in a manner stated in these Terms of Use. As website owners, we hold the right to terminate access to our website as per our sole discretion without any prior notification. Iht9.com is available for use without any charge and so we are under no obligation to provide for maintenance and support services related to the site and are also not responsible for any loss that you might incur due to our failure to maintain/update the website.

Users are prohibited from changing, copying or reusing the content, updates or any software incorporated in the website. The site located at this URL is meant to be used for only lawful purposes and also in accordance with the Terms of Use. The license to print, view and distribute content from the website for personal and non-commercial purposes is nontransferable, nonexclusive and revocable at any time and warranted to you only under the condition that you do not infringe the copyright notice.

None of the information published on this website is supposed to be reprinted, displayed, translated, modified, broadcasted or communicated to the people for commercial purposes either through telecommunication, circulation, or direct selling without prior written permission of the Site Owner. In addition, by staying on this website, you agree NOT TO:

Use the site in a manner that could impair, damage or overburden the website or interfere with the use of this site by other visitors/users

Use any kind of manual process to monitor the material available on the website or copy it or use it for any unauthorized purpose

Use any spider, robot or other automatic device for the purpose of data mining, monitoring or copying any material available on the website

Use any software or device that might hinder proper working of this website or otherwise interfere with the operation of iht9.com.

All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by the Site Owner.

Product Presentation and Recommendations

Your use of the website is a direct implication to you understanding that the products promoted on IHT9 are promoted only because these have been deemed helpful for treatment of hair loss and hair thinning by our team of experts. However, it is your responsibility to fully educate yourself regarding the ingredients and all risks associated with the use of these products as well as regarding any side effects that may occur to people with sensitive/chronic medical conditions. We advise you to research the ingredients and their impact through some reliable source of information. By purchasing from us, you agree that IHT9 cannot be held liable for any adverse effects that might arise in lieu of your negligent use of the product.

You acknowledge that the content provided on our website represents our best understanding of scientific facts regarding hair loss/ hair thinning and comprises our personal opinions regarding the efficacy of the products. You provide your consent to consult a specialist or qualified physician before choosing the products offered by us, especially if you are already undergoing any treatment regime.

Users express their consent that no individual associated with this website or any physician can guarantee the exact same results that you are seeking. Even after the formula is being approved by a physician, there is always a possibility of adverse effects, although it is an extremely rare scenario as our products are all-natural and made of 100% nature based ingredients. Therefore, by agreeing to our terms of use, you agree to defend, hold free and indemnify IHT 9 and its directors, employees, members and successors including physicians from any claim arising out of or related to any services rendered to you by iht9.com and your use of or any information found on this website. As a buyer of our products, you completely understand that it is your responsibility to have an annual physical examination and undergo the suggested laboratory tests for diagnosing hair loss causes and make sure that you are not suffering from any such illness that might render your use of IHT 9 products harmful or inappropriate for you.

Iht9.com tries to represent the products, in terms of packaging and descriptions as accurately as possible. We depict the most up-to-date packaging on the website but do not warrant that the product that you receive will look exactly same as depicted in the picture, there might be variations in the color of the box or packet without any change in the ingredients. Also, our descriptions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but not 100% error-free or reliable. If you find that you have received a wrong product, which is entirely different from its presentation and description on the website then you can choose to return it provided you fulfill all conditions stated in our ‘Returns Policy’.

Please ensure that the product is undamaged, unused and the seal is intact. Return the product in the original packaging in which it was delivered to you.


User Reviews and User Generated Content

For any reviews or user generated information that you find on this website, you will not deem iht9.com responsible for the same. The reviews or any opinions expressed by users are entirely their own and are not propagated by us in any manner. Any content generated by anonymous public is not to be considered backed by the Site Owner or the company and therefore we are not responsible for any claims or any adverse results arising thereby made by a third party on the website. You consent that any claims pertaining to slander, libel and infliction of emotional distress arising out of comments posted by other users or their reviews are not to be considered the responsibility of iht9.com. The owners are not responsible for any civil or criminal claims arising out of a poster or suggestion/feedback given by any other member of the website. In an event where any such claim arises, iht9.com will comply with a valid legal procedure for sharing of personal information regarding any such claim.

Scope of Entire Agreement and Severability

The document containing our ‘Terms of Use’ shall be considered as the entire agreement of the parties without the scope of any other promises/conditions/agreements whether oral or written. Any discrepancy or ambiguity pertaining to this agreement shall be construed in favor of iht9.com. Moreover, if any specific provision of this agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the rest of the provisions and terms will still continue to be completely valid and fully enforceable. This pertains to the severability of the agreement and if any court finds that by limiting a provision of the agreement will make it valid and enforceable then that provision will automatically be deemed to be construed and written as so limited.

Your Information is Sacred to Us – Account and Password Safety

We keep all information gathered from you, while creating an account or through surveys protected using the best software available in market. We do not share, sell or disclose your information to any third party. Although, you can rely upon us for total security of your personal information as we take adequate software, hardware protection measures along with firewalls, the confidentiality of your password and restriction of access to your account is solely your responsibility. Users are responsible for ensuring that there computer/ laptop has restricted access and nobody is able to undertake any objectionable activity under your Account or Password.

Password Protection is Your Prerogative Too

You are required to create a password when you first register at the website. It is advised that you protect your password discreetly and not share it with anybody. You must not try to use another person’s account or password for placing order at our website. Iht9.com is not responsible for any loss that you might incur due to your inability to keep your password protected or secret from other users. In case you suspect any unauthorized access to your account or password or any other security breach, you are required to intimate us about the same with immediate effect. By consenting to our Terms of Use, you agree to provide us with the latest, accurate and complete information, updating us about any changes in your contact details or other information. The onus of notifying us for any changes in your account related information lies with you. Also, your failure to notify us about unauthorized access to your account promptly will also be considered as negligence regarding account safety on your part. 

Iht9.com reserves the right to terminate any account as per its sole discretion without notification for reasons including but not limited to, failure to comply with these ‘Terms of Use’, fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or slander. We hold the right to terminate your account created with us on suspicion of any suspicious activity including an attempt to damage the reputation of the website.

Privacy and User Consent to Data

Any information furnished to us by you during the registration process or otherwise is governed by our Privacy Policy. The policy has been designed to keep your information protected against all kinds of threats, warranted that you cooperate with us regarding the safety of the same. To know all about the collection, use as well as your right regarding the data provided to us by you, please go through our Privacy Policy once.


Errors Regarding Prices and Other Omissions

We would like to inform our customers that the prices of our products as well as their availability and terms of purchase might change at any time without prior notice. You are advised to check the latest price and purchasing policy regularly to keep yourself updated about the changes. Regarding accuracy of information/errors and omissions, we make every possible effort to provide our visitors with highly accurate and precise information. However, user discretion is sought in interpreting any type of information before making a purchase. Iht9.com also reserves the right to revoke an offer in order to correct inaccuracies or omissions before or after the order has been submitted and confirmed. In case, we find an error after you have made the payment using internet banking or credit/debit card and we cancel the order due to inaccuracy, the entire amount will be refunded back to your bank or card. We will notify you about any cancellations and the refund status through an email where an order has been cancelled by us due to error or omission.


Disclaimer of Warranties With Respect to Use of Website

Iht9.com is available on “as is” and “as available” basis susceptible to applicable local laws. Site Owner expressly disclaims all kinds of express, implied or legal, including but without limitation any warranties of fitness for a specific purpose, merchantability and non-infringement.

We do not make any claims that the website will meet your needs and will be available timely, without interruptions and sans any errors. Neither do we promise that any defects on the website will be corrected with immediate effect. Site Owner does not warrant any results obtained from the use of the website or its accuracy, reliability or quality of information that you receive from the website. Any downloads made through the website or any other material that you obtain through iht9.com is to be utilized at your own risk and only you are responsible for any damage that might occur to your computer or system while using our website/data downloads.



Risk of Loss

We transfer all the items purchased from our website to the shipment carriers and once we have delivered to the carrier, the risk of loss and title for the items will pass to you.

Validity of Electronic Communications

Information communication between iht9.com and the users is electronic, including the content on the website as well as any email communication that we share with you. All the information and email shared electronically is subject to the local privacy laws and by communicating with us electronically you agree that you consider these equivalent to communications in writing. This also implies that all the communication between us and you will have the same force and validity as a written communication signed and sent by the party.

User Submitted Content

We reserve the right to use freely any concept, idea, or technique derived from user submissions. We can put to use the ideas or know-how from user content for manufacturing, marketing or presenting our products on the website. If you wish to keep your ideas or suggestions private then you are advised to not put such content under user submission. We counsel you to not send any content that you wish to keep confidential or seek compensation for. Users are not authorized to put up any claim against us for use or non-use of the user content as we have the right, but not any obligation to make use of the information that you send to us. We are under no obligation to publish your name, photograph, opinion, review, voice or biographical information in perpetuity on this website or any other affiliated site or social media owned by us or our affiliates. You will have no approval regarding the way the Site Owner uses your information/content nor will you be paid or credited for any such submission.

Links to Websites Belonging to a Third Party

You may find links to other websites or Third Parties on iht9.com. But, please understand that these links are meant for your convenience and we do not endorse the content, recommendations, products or services provided by any third party. All the claims and liabilities regarding information, products or services obtained through a third party website lies with their respective site owner and not with the owner of iht9.com. Clicking on any third party link present on our website makes you subject to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of that particular website and you are requested to follow the same for information gathering or product purchasing.

Policy Regarding Suspension of Site or Website Modification

Iht9.com makes all possible efforts to keep the website up, running and available for you at all times but we may need to suspend the site for modification or maintenance from time to time. In such cases, you may have to face interruption or restricted access to the site. We also hold the right to change or discontinue permanently or temporarily, the website or any of its parts owned by us. However, we do not hold any responsibility/obligation for any loss that you may incur due to this action.


This is regarding indemnification from you regarding all claims, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities including but not limited to the legal fees and cost arising due to (i) your breach of our Terms of Use (ii) use of the website by you comprising without limitation transmission of information or placement of material by you on the website, (iii) claims or allegations pertaining to User Content posted/created/used by you that infringes intellectual or other trademark, property or privacy rights of a third party. By agreeing to our Terms of Use, you consent to hold harmless the Site Owner, affiliates and the respective directors, agents, co-brands, suppliers and subsidiaries of iht9.com for any of the above stated claims.

Modification to Terms of Use – Please Keep an Eye on this Section

Our Terms of Use like all other policies are subject to change as per our own discretion. We can make modifications to these policies at any time, specifying the date from which the new Terms of Use will be considered valid. You can check the ‘Last Updated’ date on the top of this page to find the latest modified version of our ‘Terms of Use’. If you continue to use our website it simply implies that you consent to the latest changes made in the terms. We advise you to cross-check if the latest version of this agreement has been published every time you visit the website.

Your continued use of the Website following the posting of a new version of the Terms of Use constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. Whenever you visit iht9.com, you should make it a point to crosscheck if a new version of the Agreement has been posted.All Sections shall survive the termination of the right to use the Website.

Limitation of Actions against Iht9.com

All users consent that any cause of action or claim pertaining to your use of this website or the agreement need to be filed within a year of its first occurrence and any claim or cause of action filed after completion of one year shall stand barred, notwithstanding any statute of limitations or other law to the contrary.


Compliance with Governing Laws

As per our Terms of Use, you consent to comply with the local laws of the land, i.e. the state of India where we undertake our business. You need to comply with all the applicable local laws while using our website and conducting any type of business with us. This includes, without limitation, laws concerning the import & export of data through online transmission. Also, falsifying your personal information for obtaining any product from our website shall be subject to legal action or any measure that we find suitable for the same, within the ambits of legal boundaries.


Additional Terms

Additional Terms and conditions might apply to some specific features and content on the website such as competitions, prize draws, sweepstakes and other offers. If you wish to participate in any of these contests then you agree to abide by the Official Rules of that particular competition and draw in addition to these stated Terms of Use. You will be subject to the Additional Terms, specific to each type of special event held at iht9.com.

Contact Information

For any queries or uncertainties regarding these Terms of Use or the Website itself, you can get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” section of www.iht9.com. You can seek assistance from any of our representatives by calling at +91-11- 41500047 (10am - 6pm, Mon-Sat) or mail us your concerns at contact@iht9.com.