I seem to have some hair fall every day – am I balding?

Losing a few strands of hair every day is normal. However, every individual has a different hair loss pattern. Someone with very thin, low-density hair might interpret the most minimal hair fall as serious hair shedding.Someone with thick, quick growing hair might totally ignore this. The best approach is to keep a check on any hair fall pattern. There shouldn’t be a drastic spurt in hair fall. Constantly increasing hair thinning is a cause of concern too. These might be symptoms of the beginning of balding. Stay alert and invest in natural hair care solutions to keep away hair fall.


Along with IHT9 do I need any other hair growth supplements?

Our users have often told us that they have never had to depend upon any other supplement or hair growth supplement. If you are already using a safe, natural dietary supplement that seems to be effective, you can continue using it. IHT9 is for topical application only. It will not react with any vitamins, supplements or other dietary consumables used by you. However, we prefer that you use IHT9 without indulging in trying too many things simultaneously. IHT9 contains natural follicle stimulators, nutrients, and scalp cleansers that combat hair fall and baldness—this is a complete hair fall prevention solution. It prevents excessive hair loss, thinning of hair and treat common hair fall contributing factors like dandruff, dry or oily scalp, and other scalp disorders.


I have baldness in my family history but no hair fall – should I use IHT9?

IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy does not have any side effects even if used daily as a preventive measure against hair thinning or baldness. Even if you are not suffering from hair loss, genetic patterns can emerge without a warning. To prevent this, you can use IHT9 oil, shampoo and conditioner as a part of your everyday hair care regimen. Think of this as stopping hair loss in its roots!


Are there any side-effects associated with IHT9 range of products?

No! IHT9 Therapy does not have any known side effects. Ayurvedic formulations are free from the risks associated with chemical-heavy products.There is no risk of developing a chemical residue that can prove toxic. However, it must be understood that an individual can be allergic to anything—natural or synthetic. Still, we are confident that IHT9 will not induce any serious allergic reaction. Our herbs are processed into a hypoallergic formulation.


Why do I need IHT9 conditioner when I am suffering from hair loss?

IHT9 Conditioner is formulated with a rare blend of 9 herbs to infuse life into brittle hair strands. It has active natural ingredients like hyena and Saw Palmetto extract and other carefully chosen herbs to stimulate hair growth and handle balding-inducing issues like allergic, dry, greasy or disease-affected scalp. Our easy to rinse conditioner balances pH value of your hair. It is perfect for oily, dry hair and normal hair. No synthetic colours or fragrances—a herbal conditioner that works with IHT9 shampoo and oil to restore your confidence, complete with healthy, dense hair.


I am already using herbal oil for my hair. Why should I buy the IHT9 oil?

IHT9 Oil is not just another herbal oil. It is a secret formulation, a unique blend of 9 herbs, created in sync with the principles of Ayurveda. Our oil is the result of years of research. We have identified and interpreted the Vedas, driven by the purity of natural resources that Ayurveda preaches to create this product. This oil revitalizes the scalp, penetrating deeply to nourish the hair roots.


Do I have to apply the oil only on the affected area?

It is highly recommended to apply our products all over the scalp. Don't apply the oil, shampoo or conditioner to just one part of the scalp. The goal is to improve overall health of your hair, not just the balding areas.


Is the oil in IHT9 Kit going to make my hair sticky?

Relax! We have invested a lot in R&D to create a unique line of hair care products that are neither sticky nor stinky. Although we are not using any artificial fragrances and preservatives, still our products are non-sticky. We have used the latest in biological and herbal product manufacturing practices to create this line of products. Expect practical, easy-to-use products that can easily become a part of your every day schedule!


Do I have to wear the oil all day long for best results?

No. Just ensure that you provide sufficient time for the oil to seep in. We recommend at least 2 hours to before washing your hair. If you can manage oiling your head before going to be bed and shampooing in the morning a couple of times during the week, the results will come quicker!


I have lost hair on forehead and at the centre. Will IHT9 help?

IHT9 works equally well on all areas of the scalp. Areas where you lost hair most recently are more likely to respond earlier with regular usage.


My 12 year old son suffers from receding hair line. Can IHT9 help?

Absolutely! Our products are safe for children as well. IHT9 products do not contain potentially harmful preservatives, toxic synthetics/chemicals or artificial components. You get a hypo-allergic herbal product that is safe for children too.


Should I stop using IHT9 once my hair fall stops?

Yes, you can! You can continue with our 100% safe therapy too. Our products are not specific about hair baldness. They also keep the hair clean and healthy. The oil, shampoo and moisturizer can be continued even when hair fall is no longer an issue. Think of this as making a small investment to sustain the overall health of your hair, in the future too!


What is the shelf-life of IHT9 products?

The shelf life of IHT9 shampoos, oils and conditioner are up to 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


What chemicals or preservatives do you use in your products?

Our products are essentially plant-based extracts. During processing, the purest forms of these herbs, without neutralizing their potency, is gathered without exposing it to possibly harmful chemicals or synthetics.You get the assurance of hair care products without sulphates, parabens, or other harsh chemicals.


Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Lass Cosmetics wants you to trust our commitment to the excellence & power of Ayurveda. Though we are sure that the honesty of our business model and the purity of our products will surpass your expectations we realize there is always room for a grievance. If our products are anything less than your expectations we will offer an exchange or full refund. If you are not satisfied for any reason after 60 days of using IHT9 range of products, we will exchange the product or initiate a full refund (minus shipping & handling charges) on presentation of proof of purchase.


Why should you prefer herboceuticals over chemical hair-care products?

If you have ever used Ayurveda herbs (or medicines), you would know that they are 100% effective despite not depending upon chemicals/drugs. The secret lies in adopting the most effective form of herbs. We use modern techniques to extract potent natural compounds from different herbs and blend them using a scientifically researched permutation. The result is at par, and much better, than that of chemically synthesized hair care products that have serious side effects.


Does IHT9 hair therapy limit my hairstyling option?

Not really. There are no limitations imposed on you. None of the IHT9 products limits how your hair can be styled. Just ensure that you don't use hairstyling products that neutralize the herbal purity of IHT9 products. Ensure, you maintain hygiene at all times and stay away from chemical-heavy hairstyling products.


What is Alopecia Areata?

It is an auto-immune disorder and one of the most common causes of hair loss. Typical symptoms include patchy hair loss. Sufferers talk about clumps of hair falling out. This condition generally affects people before the age of 30 years.


Can stress cause Alopecia Areata?

Yes, stress can trigger some immunological changes that can cause Alopecia Areata. However, stress is not the exclusive factor contributing to this problem. This is a complex condition where the diagnosis and immunology is yet to be fully understood by the medical fraternity.


What is the difference between Hair Loss and Alopecia Diffusa?

Generalized hair loss is called Alopecia Diffusa. Patchy Hair Loss is called Alopecia Areata. Both are different forms of hair loss that can be cured by regularly using IHT9 range of hair care products.


Do natural hair growth remedies work without any other effort?

No, you should make an effort for faster recovery and quick results. This includes a healthy, nutritious diet. You might want to invest in gentle hair massages more regularly. Keep your hair away from any chemical exposure or place with dangerous pollution levels. Getting yourself tested for any underlying nutritional deficiency in the form of an annual health check-up is also a good strategy.


Do you have certification from any reputed organization?

Yes, we are proud holders of GMP, ISO, and QAC certificate, which speaks volume about our quality and ethical practices. No animal testing. No GMO produce. We are all about wholesome natural goodness of herbs brought to you in an easy-to-use form.


Can IHT9 products remove split ends?

This is one of the most common myths that many hair care brands are selling to their customers, i.e. you can repair split ends. Markets are flooded with such products. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. However, if you use IHT9 shampoo and conditioner, chances are that existing split ends will look smoother and new split ends will not surface.


What causes hair loss in men?

Androgenic alopecia, more commonly called as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), is the most common reason that causes hair loss in men. Male pattern baldness may be characterized with the onset of a receding hairline and thinning crown. Mostly, hair loss in men can be blamed on genetics as the hair follicles may have a genetic sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which shortens the lifespan of hair follicles. DHT is a part of testosterone, the primary male hormone, and it cannot be eradicated from the male body.


Can medications interact with IHT9 hair care products?

To our knowledge, which includes customer feedback, there is no medication, hair care product that causes unwanted interactions with IHT9 hair fall solutions. Tested for being hypoallergic without any harsh chemicals, IHT9 range of products are completely safe irrespective of any medication you are consuming at the moment.


I just started using IHT9 products and noticed slight increase in hair fall – is this normal?

This doesn’t happen usually however we do understand such scenarios. Don't worry, IHT9 products are not going to increase your hair fall. It is just that the active natural ingredients in our products stimulate hair follicles, waking them from their resting phase to a phase of growth. This might cause a few days of temporary hair shedding—this will stop on its own, without the need to worry!


What will happen when I stop using IHT9 anti-balding products?

This depends upon when you choose to stop the usage. Stopping any therapy midway means risking an escalation of the condition. Secondly, even after having stopped hair thinning, you need constant nourishment to ensure hair regrowth and overcome factors like genetics-induced baldness. We recommend, not to stop using IHT9 products totally. Even when you feel fully satisfied with the therapy, we recommend keeping IHT9 products handy. The shampoo and oil in particular are perfect for two to three applications per week even when your hair fall has stopped.


I’m an athlete and sweat heavily – will this decrease the effect of IHT9 hair repair?

Not really. IHT9 hair repair products are smartly formulated. The oil penetrates the scalp and nourishes it from within. The shampoo ensures a clean, septic, and fertile environment for hair growth. The conditioner nourishes and protects the hair shaft. None of these products are prone to being neutralized by heavy sweating. From gymming to swimming, skiing or running, nothing will reduce the effectiveness of IHT9 hair repair products.


What precautions I should undertake when using IHT’s Ayurvedic products?

There is little in terms of precautions. Just ensure that apart from regular usage of IHT9 shampoo, oil and conditioner, you also maintain a healthy diet. You might want to consider nutritional supplements, especially rare nutrients like Zinc, that work towards keeping your hair follicles healthier. Our approach is Ayurvedic. This means we support holistic healing. Distressing via meditation and yoga can augment the rate at which you see results. Stay away from potentially hair damaging styling products like hair irons or harsh, chemical colours.


I don't have hair fall but my hair is dull – should I use IHT9 Ayurvedic products?

Please note that IHT9 represents a comprehensive approach getting healthy hair. It is not limited to just stopping hair fall. Other benefits include remarkably improved, overall hair health. This means shinier, lustrous hair with more body that look naturally beautiful. None of the ingredients used in IHT9 range of products have any side-effects. Please try the IHT9 Kit to get healthy hair for a lifetime…


I don't have hair fall but my hair length and density has been the same for almost a decade – should I use IHT9 herbal hair care products?

The hair growth period or anagen often stops due to inherent problems like lack of critical nutrients or having suffered physical trauma. You need a safe, herbal approach to kickstart hair growth. Each hair follicle needs to be rejuvenated to get fresh, healthier hair. All strands are not in synchrony to grow or fall. IHT9 herbal hair growth products create the perfect environment for restarting a safe, natural hair growing phase.


Why men lose more hair along the crown and lesser along the sides?

This pattern of hair loss is referred to as Male Pattern Thinning (MPT). Also called Androgenetic Alopecia, this type of hair loss usually affects the scalp across the crown. A progressive type of baldness, it creates a band of hair. This type of baldness is mainly caused due to male-specific androgens. This type of baldness can be stopped and new hair growth can be catalysed by regularly using products that are a part of the IHT9 Kit.


How often should I wash my hair?

Keeping your scalp clean is critical. However, you don’t want to irritate the scalp. You don’t want to create a residue of chemicals that can damage the hair follicles. This means regular but smart hair cleaning regimen. You need to wash your hair but not to the extent of weakening the hair strands or weakening the roots. Rigorous, daily shampooing with over-the-counter, chemical-heavy shampoos is not a good idea. You need a combination of herbal oils and herbal shampoo to ensure your hair remains strong, clean and healthy. IHT9 range of hair cleaning products is the smarter, safer choice!


Are common hair loss medications like Minoxidil, Finasteride or Spironolactone effective?

In the last decade there has been a spurt in the number of topical medications like Minoxidil for men and women. To some extent these medications have proven effective. However, there are too many risks involved. Despite FDA approvals for some of these medicines, the larger view suggest that adult-segment male and female pattern baldness via chemically formulated drugs has dangerous side effects. Oral administration of spironolactone for instance has raised many questions about the long-term safety of such drugs. These medications carry the risk of interacting with blood thinners, psychiatric medications, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-histamine prescription drugs, apart from being unsuitable for those with a history of cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, gout, ulcers, epilepsy, glaucoma, etc. In comparison, herbal blends like IHT9 are a safer, non-invasive, external treatment.


Once the process of hair fall and receding hairlines begins, how long does it take for a person to usually go completely bald?

There is no defined period for hairline receding progressing into a large-scale balding. Every individual has a different physiology, lifestyle habits and genetics. However, if there is a family history of baldness, the first signs of genetic thinning of hair can be interpreted as having started your journey towards partial baldness. Something like diffuse hair loss might surface at a much later stage. However, you need to understand that the efficacy of hair regrowth and hair restoration products is at the highest when you start with a hair therapy at the earliest signs of hair thinning. Secondly, hair thinning leading to complete baldness is not a rule. There is no way to gauge the degree of baldness that will emerge. Lifestyle habits, onset of diseases can make a big difference on the progression of balding. Total baldness happens when hair follicles are totally shrunk, called miniaturisation, and eventually become dormant — predicting the rate of this process is rather difficult.


I have heard about great results with Hair Transplantation & Hair Grafting – should I consider it?

Opting for hair transplantation isn't the wisest choice. For starters, it is a surgical process. Like most surgeries, this too should be attempted when you have no other choice. During transplantation and hair grafting, hair follicles and strands of hair are moved to the recipient area. Surgical incisions are made on the donor and recipient area. Transplanted hair might not root as well your surgeon had promised. It might take up to 6 months for this area to show natural, normal hair growth. Some people have to undergo phased hair grafting—several operations! A safer, more sensible approach is the herbal, natural way to reinitiate natural hair growth – something the IHT9 range of products do rather well. Don’t opt for follicular grafting or micro-grafts before trying herbal, safer solutions.


Can an underactive thyroid cause hair loss?

Yes, hair loss due to an underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroid) is a common cause for hair loss among men and women. Thyroid hormone affects the overall metabolism and any changes in its synthesis or absorption can contribute to hair thinning.


When taking medications for conditions like Flu, Diabetes, Hypertension, Neurological Disorders, etc. do I need to check with my physician about the safety of IHT9 hair growth products?

Absolutely Not! IHT9 is a 100% topical solution for all your hair loss problems. It does not get absorbed into the blood stream or your digestive tract. This makes it a non-issue if you are concerned about IHT9 ingredients inducing adverse reactions with your prescription medications. Even if you are suffering from conditions like dry, itchy scalp or inflamed skin around the scalp, IHT9 will not cause any side-effects.