Hair Care, the IHT9 Way…Natural Herbal Wellness


IHT9 stands apart from the clutter of chemical-heavy, surgical and high-risk hair restoration or anti-baldness treatments because of one, major differentiator – its approach. Our products are natural, herbal, hypoallergic, and non-toxic. We don't conceal anything. We are not about promising magical results. We combat hair loss and every other hair problem with the same principle – scientifically researched all-herbal blends that restore hair growth & nourish your scalp without damaging the skin or our environment.Choose natural goodness enriched with herbal expertise without risking your health!

Ecologically Responsible Manufacturing Practices

Zero Tolerance for Concealing Product Information

Pure Herbal Approach sans Toxic Chemicals/Synthetics

Compliant with International Standards for Purity of Herbs


Cruelty-Free Manufacturing

We Support Animal Rights, Conservation of Animal Habitats

IHT9 understands the true essence of being “natural”. Selfish manufacturing practices are rampant with unethical animal testing, oftencontaminating the environment with harmful chemicals and wasting non-renewable energy resources. Our approach is structured around being “Honestly Natural”. This means investing in environment-safe, people-friendly products. We blend our business goals with a conscience—you can bank upon our NO Animal Testing policy. We believe we are collaborating with Nature. A mutual relationship is based on sharing and caring. Hence, our initiatives to conserve power, invest in community-based efforts for a greener, healthier planet!


100% Vegetarian: Free from Animal Produce/Extracts/Additives

Perfect Hair Loss Range of Products for Vegans& Vegetarians


IHT9 is driven by herbal expertise. Our R&D continues to extract benefits from herbs without depending upon animal testing or using animal derivatives. We love animals and testing practices defy this sentiment. Animal derivatives also bring the risk of imbibing steroids, hormone supplements that are often a part of commercial animal feed. While our competitors use animal protein to make hair-care products deliver superficial benefits like more luster, we depend on natural goodness of herbs to deliver real hair health.


Our Product Philosophy Resonates

More with Veganism and Organic lifestyles



Setting New Standards for being Chemical-free

The human skin absorbs nearly 60% of topical products - we make sure that IHT9 ingredients don't harm your health


We don't confuse you with technical jargon. IHT9 does not use potentially harmful chemicals found in leading cosmetic, skincare and hair-care brands. You can have a look at the list of safety-proven synthetics used in trace amounts to ensure our products are easier to apply and retain their herbal effectiveness is retained. We stay away from any chemical that has any history/indication of inducing side-effects. Feel assured, with IHT9 there is no chance of carcinogens or toxins making it through our stringent quality testing process.



Our products are free from commonly used, harmful chemical ingredients found in cosmetic, skincare and hair-care products:


  • Phthalates: ubiquitous ingredients for producing cosmetic fragrance. These are linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and as serious as cancer.
  • Mineral/Paraffin Oil: inexpensive, mainly used for preventing moisture loss from the skin. It not only clogs pores, but can also contaminate skin.
  • Parabens: used as chemical preservatives against microbial growth. These are not laboratory approved and are known to cause estrogenic activity in the body, associated with certain forms of breast cancer.
  • SLES/SLS & Sulfates:used mainly as cleansing agents. There are research studies that prove sulfates can cause cancer, cataracts, and kidney & liver failure.
  • Diazolidinyl Urea: another chemical preservative that can increase your risk for contact dermatitis, and has also been shown to release formaldehyde—a carcinogen.


Unadulterated Herbal Hair Fall Prevention Products

NO cosmetic fillers to bulk-up shampoos, oils, or conditioners!


Use of Safe, Natural Preservatives        

An average woman is exposed to nearly 515 chemicals per day! Why risk your health when you have safer, natural alternatives like IHT9?

  • No petroleum derivatives
  • No bulk-adding fillers
  • No chemical preservatives
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No chemical additives for coloration


We use Ayurveda formulations that contain

Plant-based Essential Oils &Natural Preservatives


Ethical Procurement Process: Leaving Nothing to Chance!

Some herbs come with harvesting limitations, others carry the risk of being grown with chemical fertilizers while some are procured via unethical channels

Our procurement process:

  • Follows Regional laws, guidelines
  • Collaborates with smaller farms that are less exposed to chemical cultivation
  • Partners with licensed suppliers
  • Prefers herbs grown the natural way

…we are scouting for more producers who can uphold these benchmarks for quality and purity of produce.



We Use Pure Botanical Extracts

In IHT9 Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil

For Restoring Hair & Scalp Health